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In the world of boxing, if an opponent knows what to anticipate from his opponent, he has an edge. In war, if a country anticipates which side the enemy’s going to attack from, the country has an edge. If you, as an entrepreneur know the challenges you’ll face, you’ll also have an edge. My goal for this video is to give you an edge over other entrepreneurs unaware of these ten challenges every entrepreneur will face.

#1: Sacrificing the 95 Salary – 0:38

#2: Capital Management – 1:05

#3: Processing Issues – 1:40

#4: Team Building – 2:33

#5: Vision – 2:55

#6: Loneliness – 3:27

#7: Tax and Lawyers – 4:12

#8: Many Different Hats – 5:00

#9: Knocked Out – 5:27

#10: Lifestyle Change – 5:47

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