This week on The Unusual Suspects, Humberto is your host with a lineup of intriguing stories! We’ll explore the escalating tensions between Ukraine and Russia that could have global ramifications, and discuss Donald Trump’s rapid rise to millions of followers on TikTok. We’ll also revisit the resurfaced drama between Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent. Additionally, we’ll share our thoughts on the latest Star Wars installment, and take a closer look at the troubling increase in mass stabbings across Europe. Don’t miss it!

00:00 – Intro
04:14 – Forcing WWWIII
19:00 – Europe is No Longer Europe
34:33 – Chelsea Handler vs 50 Cent
45:43 – Trump Goes Viral on TikTok
59:52 – Star Wars Sucks
1:25:00 – Outro

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