Looks like there could be big smack-down between the WWE and President Donald Trump.

In this corner, Mick Foley, one of the WWE’s biggest stars. He tweeted to his 1.9 million Twitter followers: “Hey Vince – how about throwing this sorry son of a bitch out of our Hall of Fame?”

Vince, is none of other than Vince McMahon, owner of the WWE and long-time buddy of Donald Trump.  In fact, Trump was inducted in 2013 by McMahon himself.

At the time, Trump declared at the ceremony that the honor was bigger than “having the highest ratings on TV, being a best-selling author, or getting a spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.”

Megalomania aside, no one is quite sure where Trump rates this achievement now, but everyone knows he loves recognition (especially if it comes with a title and/or a trophy). What’s also clear is that if Trump loses a title, he will stomp, kick and sue.

Keeping with the tradition of an overly-complicated wrestling story-line, Mick Foley continues to hammer Trump hard on his twitter account. After the Capitol riots, he appears more than willing to hit Trump over the head with a chair. Other’s in the WWE world are also ready to jump in the ring and take a few swings at the out-going Commander in Chief.

Meanwhile, the mastermind of mayhem—Vince McMahon—has been strangely quiet on the controversy. Maybe it has something to do with his wife serving in the Trump administration. Maybe he’s stepping back and letting Foley fuel the flames, or maybe, he’s busy drawing up the equivalent of the WWE’s article of impeachment and figuring out a way to make it a pay-per-view event.

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