If you are a leader or you aim to be a great leader, I think this is going to give you a completely different perspective on leadership.

Quick Recaps:

  • I tried making Lionel Messi the best player in the world, but he ended up making me one of the best managers in the world.
  • Isn’t he the leader? Isn’t he the coach? He’s not supposed to do that to you but that’s the mindset of somebody that thinks they have the responsibility of knowing at all.
  • This quote is powerful because his resume shows him to be the LEADER. He holds the record for the most consecutive league games.
  • He was also a former player. He was named the FIFA World Coach of the Year. He won four Premier League titles, four EFL Cups, the FA Cup, A Domestic Trouble in 2018 and 2019 at 37 years old. He became the youngest manager to lift the U E F A Champions League trophy. He makes history.
  • But if you watch the way he celebrates Messi, it’s special. It’s not about him but about Messi.

He probably thinks, “I have to spend a hundred hours on these guys, but I just have to ask Messi this one thing, one time and he wants it BAD. Others were capable but they just weren’t willing to pay the price.” A coach becomes grateful for great players only if he’s had a lot of challenging, difficult personalities he’s had to work with in the past.

The difficult people I work with challenge me to become a better leader. So, it’s not all about the people you work with that are easy. Sometimes if your goal is to be a great leader, God, or whatever spirit you believe in is going to put some interesting people in your life that will force you to say, “I don’t even know how to work with this guy. Everything I do is difficult with this person. Why are these people so difficult?”

Maybe that’s your challenge to see if you’re willing to up your leadership game. Beware of a lack of gratitude for these people.

You have to go through these people and try to be grateful for people like this – they make you a better leader.


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