Though it doesn’t appear as if anyone is staking out a place in line at their local Apple retailer just yet, there is palpable excitement about the next iPhone release.

Why aren’t we calling it the iPhone 13? That question is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to various (mostly unfounded) beliefs surrounding this product.

Here’s what has been rumored regarding the name.

Could be the company wants to define this as an “S” upgrade (implying only minor changes), therefore establishing this as the iPhone 12S or 12s.

Could be the decision makers will follow the sometimes-fierce opposition of using the “bad-luck” number 13. Apple may shift away from using numerals altogether. Maybe start naming them after famous cats (although that one is not among the rumors we’ve heard).

As for when consumers will be able to wait in line for the latest version of the iPhone? Techradar puts the estimate at around September this year with a price of around $700.

And the variety could include the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

How about the camera? For the 12, Apple added a LiDAR scanner for depth-sensing (also seen on the iPad Pro). A supply chain report says that Apple will expand/improve upone the LiDAR sensor.

Among other rumors cited by Techradar is the addition of a high refresh rate for a smoother-appearing display when playing games or scrolling social media.

Also, an “under-display” fingerprint scanner common in Android phones. And possibly an in-screen scanner that complements Face ID.

The look should be about the same as the iPhone 12, though a report in 9to5 Mac furthered the idea of a thicker model; the height and width would be unchanged, but thickness will increase by 0.26 mm.

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