Should you hire a speaker? Are paid motivational speakers a waste of time? Subscribe
I hear so many people hiring motivational speakers who they pay $10,000 to tell you what to do because they’re read a few books but they didn’t make it as an entrepreneur instead of finding a mentor who’s made it and is willing to share their secrets with you. With todays access to social media so many people call themselves a motivational speaker to just get money from people to consult. When hiring a consultant or mentor, always ask them how they made their money? What did you do to make money? What qualifies them to mentor you instead of the fact that they’ve read a lot of books? Are you financially free? What’s your net worth?

However, if you find yourself a mentor who’s made it in life and is willing to mentor you, be sure to do whatever you can to keep them.

These are important questions to ask before you hire someone.

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