ChatGPT is much more than a tool for a lazy high school sophomore who has procrastinated on a book report — and there’s a startup in Japan that won’t consider hiring someone unless they have a firm understanding of how to leverage AI tools, specifically ChatGPT. 

LayerX is the name of the Tokyo-based company that might be starting a new trend in business. They are making it mandatory for recruits to use ChatGPT, and part of the hiring process could be a quick test to see how they do with it. 

In a recent job ad, would-be hires were warned to be prepared to show their skills on the OpenAI app and another AI tool called Notion AI. 

This goes against the grain in terms of what other industries are doing.  Wall Street banks have made ChatGPT off-limits to employees, and some schools have banned it. 

As for LayerX they are a business that focuses on promoting digitizing business transactions and look at ChatGPT as a valued asset. 

Here’s what the Japanese company is doing in their interviews with applicants. They want to see how they interact and initiate the process of communicating with ChatGPT. They evaluate that more than the actual answers. According to a story in Bloomberg, LayerX is also interested in seeing how recruits conduct research to identify limitations the technology might have.

The company just raised $55 million in a Series A and is looking to hire 20 new recruits each year. 

Here’s what the chief human resources officer Takaya Ishiguro told Bloomberg. 

“It’s important to jump on new technologies quickly; I think the candidates are falling behind from the trend if they haven’t tried it at this point.” 

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