Nationalist  shouldn’t be dirty   word   or crime to be proud of your nation.

First of all, I am not racist or evil person because I’m proud american nationalist. The fact Don lemon and cnn decided to put all Donald J Trump supporters into one group this will create bigger maga movement. Nationalist isn’t evil person how democraps  and hollywood have over the decades falsely-marketed to this nation. Americans should be proud of their nation. It is greatest nation on the planet I really believe that. This nation took me as its own. I will forever protect this nation’s interests. Maga supporters are not kkk or even white supremacy group like liberal media has market (lied) to it’s brainwashed minions audience

The  brainwashed liberals  will continue to be brainwashed   there is no cure for stupid

The sad part is liberals are brainwashed. They talk about how they are against kids in cages but where was that energy when their hero Obama did that in 2014. If liberal is proud to be socialist  therfore it shouldn’t be problem for people to identify as american nationalist. I love capitalism it is best system in the world however I understand it is not perfect. There are cons of capitalism but it is still 10x better than  socialism. People who are democrats or liberals are often clueless about socialism.

Socialism is just evil   and it will lead to many  people being disappointed  at the end like always

I will never accept socialism. It is very evil system.  America will never fall that is something all our enemies just simply do not understand. History tells us America is just too strong to fail as republic.  People like alexandria ocasio-cortez and her sidekicks just do not understand that. I highly suggest Alexandria should focus on her instagram account since that is what she is doing anyway. She literally costed 25 thousand jobs to be lost because she is very immature. After amazon pulled out of her district she was celebrating that 25k jobs were lost.

My Disclaimer  for  aoc and her side kicks  !

I  just want to be clear  i dislike her because of her questionable politics not   her gender or  she is  being”feminist”.I know had to say that because she might call me sexist down the line. Playing victim isn’t what an adult  does . I  expect  that type  of   childish  behavior  from 5 year old little kid not congresswoman.

Where do  Make America Great Again movement go from here ?  Should   Greatest President Ever  Donald J Trump run  in 2024 ?

You can see why now I am american nationalist and Donald J Trump supporter.I will not cater to      crybabies. I will stand up for america when this nation is in trouble.  My advice for my fellow liberals never count out American People and Donald J Trump out.  America is the greatest nation on the planet.

Should   greatest president ever  Donald J Trump run  in 2024?

 I strongly believe he should run  again  in 2024.President Trump is the greatest president ever.Minorities love him.Immigrants embrace Donald J Trump.Journey is not over.I strongly believe that.

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