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Patrick spends 3 hours with winners from the “Why I Love Valuetainment” contest. Thanks to everyone for helping VT get to a 100,000 subs. Next contest will be announced at 250,000.

Time Stamps:

2:00- Most People Have No Idea What They Want

4:40- The Age I Got Clarity

4:57- What is Your Companies Long Term Play?

9:28 – The Strategy Quadrant

10:01- The Power of 3 Prices and how to break down the tiers

12:14- Vendors/Distributors and How to Choose Them (The Rule of Three)

20:05- First Rule of a Startup and Coffee Idea

21:23 – What is a Differentiator in Business?

24:02 – Book Recommendation for Beginning Stages of an Entrepreneur

26:19 – How to Get More Customers

28:54- Why Sales is All Based on Incentives

33:04- The Three Kinds of Recognition and How to Do It Properly

38:40- The Story of the $400 Steak

42:34 – The Expectation of a High Quality, High Cost Product

43:54- How to Keep Customers Coming Back

52:33- Thoughts on Single Men and Dating

55:38- Thoughts on Economy

56:39- How to Sell Luxury Items in Uncertain Financial Times and Why They Sell

1:03:29- When I Started My Company PHP

1:07:55- What Does Someone Creating a Country Create?

1:10:20- The Difference Between Lions and Sheep

1:16:16- Breaking The Mindset of “Doing it Ourselves”

1:19:45- Importance of Making Other Partners Money

1:22:55- Time Management and The Seasons of Every Business

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