Hey Jeff Bezos, we have some good news and bad news for you. 

The bad news is your net worth dropped $466 million today.

The good news is you had a better day than Elon Musk, who saw his fortune dwindle by $3.9 billion thanks to a dip in Tesla stock.

Bezos now has a $190.3 billion to $173 billon lead over his revenue rival.

The numbers are staggering. Consider this, if Bezos and Musk combined their current net worth’s, their pooled resources would be $363.7 billion.

That would buy them:

The Dallas Cowboys, the most expensive NFL franchise currently valued at $5.7 billion, the Los Angeles Lakers at $4.4 billion, the New York Yankees for $5 billion, and they’d still have enough money left over to buy every single team in the NFL, NBA and MLB.

Value of all 32 NFL teams combined: $121.05 billion

Value of all 30 NBA teams combined:  $71 billion

Value of all 30 MBL teams combined:   $53.55 billion

Size of check needed to own all of sports?  $195.6

After a shopping spree like that, they’d have to be hungry, so how about a pizza? 

Value of Dominos Pizza, Inc.:   $14.89 billion

To celebrate such an epic day, you’d expect them to wind down with a cold brew. 

Value of Molson Coors Beverage Company:  $9.69 billion

Oh oh, don’t forget to pick up a little something for the ladies.

Value of Nordstrom, Inc.  $5.69 billion

This would have to be exhausting.  Time to get some sleep!

Value of Marriott International Inc:   $31.52 billion

Total Amount left over after all this?     $106.31 billion

Rank on the Real-Time Billionaires List after all this: No. 5, bumping Mark Zuckerberg down to No. 6.

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