On today’s show, Jedediah tackles a series of hot news topics that cover politics, culture, and health. Some include: the creator of “Friends” feeling guilty about the show’s lack of diversity, Zuckerberg’s plan for you spend a fortune in his Metaverse, Governor Kathy Hochul ignoring facts on concealed carry, Pennsylvania welfare reform that weeds out the dead, and Howard Stern’s potential run for president.

0:00 – Intro
2:45 – Reaction to Toronto police calling a man with a beard a ‘missing woman’
12:19 – Does the television show ‘Friends’ lack diversity?
21:36 – Florida Surgeon General SLAMS Congress
28:23 – Supreme court overturns New York’s law on concealed carry
35:05 – Why is Pennsylvania sending food stamps to dead people??
41:15 – Reaction to Howard Stern claiming he wants to run for president

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