Add another “biggest in the world” title to something being built in Dubai. It’s a common moniker currently attached to their indoor shopping mall, indoor skiing mountain, and skyscraper. 

The latest is Dubai’s Al Maktoum International Airport, and by 2050, it plans to be the largest airport in the world, with the ability to handle 255 million passengers every year. You read the right — 255 million passengers annually. At LAX, 24 million passengers pass through each year. 94 million people fly through Atlanta’s airport each year, and 54 million flyers go through O’Hare in Chicago.  Add those three airport travelers up, and you will still be 80 million passengers shy of what Dubai’s airport will have the capacity to handle.

When completed, it will span 35,0000 acres.  Or you’re trying to put that into perspective; good luck. LAX is 3500 acres, and JFK in New York covers 4930 acres.  

In other words, the new airport will be four times bigger than the combined size of LAX and JFK. 

Construction on this monstrosity has been going on for a long time. It was launched 13 years ago for cargo operations. Passengers started going through it in 2013, and phase one is set to be completed in 2030.

When the project is complete, the price is expected to top out at $33 billion. 

The plans for what this will look like when it is completed are spectacular. In seven years, it will have a luxurious golf resort attached, along with a trade and exhibition facility, a commercial district, and a residential and hotel area.

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