Owners of an itchy nose, those who are borderline exhibitionists and those who are given to extremelip-licking beware: Your conduct is now under heavy scrutiny.

But only if you’re using China-based messaging app WeChat’s live-streaming service.

Its parent company, Tencent, presented an exhaustive – and entertaining – collection of “violations” as Chinese tech firms feel mounting pressure from the government.

WeChat, used by more than a billion people, calls the live-stream feature “Channels.” 

CNBC reported on Friday the company’s list of behaviors deemed unsuitable.

There’s no need to go down the road on free speech and human rights as it pertains to China, but those who run the WeChat app are deserving of a little sympathy from their Western counterparts in the social media sphere.

For example, any U.S. based social platform that includes video communication likely wouldn’t blink if a live-stream host decided to put underpants on his/her head during a broadcast.

On WeChat? Violation!

Or, let’s say a neighbor hosted a fortune-telling session via America social media – while clearly displaying a tattoo. Nice, right?

Nope. Both are naughty on WeChat. Violation! Violation! 

If you’ve made it this far in our story, you are likely able to make a ruling on the following behaviors as well: Sensitive political discussion? Bikini-wearing? Fishnet stockings? Bath towel-only? Yep. Each is a no-go, according to the CNBC story.

Clearly, it’s not good for the business. In March, in light of the government crackdowns, Tencent shares lost 3.5 percent – about $65 billion from its market cap – in the span of only a couple of days. 

From a February high of almost $100, the shares were just south of $80 on Friday.

That’s quite a spanking, an act, by the way, that also is listed as a violation on WeChat.

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