He may not have the talent or resume of superstar NFL quarterbacks Tom Brady, Aaron Rogers or Patrick Mahomes, but say this about Washington QB Taylor Heinicke; he’s as aggressive as anyone when going after an endorsement deal. 

The new starter for the WFT was trying to get the beer company Heineken to offer him some sort of sponsorship deal, since his name is spelled almost exactly alike. 

It would seem to be the biggest no-brainer ever, but Heineken didn’t see it like that.  They essentially ignored him. 

So Heinicke went to Plan B, and reached out to American beer juggernaut Bud Light, and they were smart enough to immediately jump on board. 

Here’s how it went down. Heinicke got his first taste of fame in January, when he started an NFL playoff game against Brady and the Tampa Bay Bucs. 

He lost the game, but he went after Heineken hard since he was now at least recognizable, trying to land some sort of side deal that would include free beer and a nice check.  The Netherlands-based beer company wanted nothing to do with him apparently. 

Here’s what Heinicke told NBC Sports. 

“My agent said they had sent me a 24-pack at home, but I never received it. They said they can’t deliver to my address, but there’s a gas station a block away that has Heinekens.”

So, Heinicke called an audible, and reached out to Bud Light. They darn near sent a team of Clydesdales to his home to get him signed up. 

Bud Light tweeted that they were “ready and waiting.” 

So the kid is All-Pro at working side hustle deals.  Let’s see what he does on the field this week at Buffalo.


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