On the latest episode of the PBD Podcast, Patrick Bet-David and the Home Team broke down the winners, losers, and standout moments from the third Republican debate in Miami. As the field of candidates continues to shrink ahead of next year’s primary votes, new power players are emerging in the Republican Party…but will their performance onstage be enough to catch up to Donald Trump?

Ahead of the debate, Patrick and the rest of the Home Team made their predictions for each candidate’s performance.

The PBD Podcast Home Team’s debate night predictions.

While some predictions missed the mark, others played out exactly as expected—and above all, everyone agreed that one candidate dominated the conversation.

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From his attacks on the media and the RNC establishment to his foreign policy platforms, Vivek Ramaswamy seized most of the attention onstage despite ranking third out of the five participating candidates.

But while Ramaswamy proved to be a dominating presence, other candidates like Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley turned in admirable performances as well, leading to one of the best debates so far.

However, despite the results of Valuetainment’s own polling, the mainstream media is reporting vastly different results. According to outlets like the New York Times, Ramaswamy placed dead last in the ranking…but PBD sees that as proof that they’re afraid.

For more about the notable on-stage clashes and offstage drama at the debate, watch the full episode of the PBD Podcast here.

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