From education, conventions, work meetings and virtual happy hours to now possibly a presidential debate? There’s a reason the founder of Zoom is a billionaire. His virtual digital platform is everywhere and has been center stage throughout the pandemic. The next presidential debate is currently scheduled for Oct. 15, but nobody knows for sure if it will happen in person because of the president’s COVID condition. As the debate date draws closer, it appears that the possibility of having it take place on Zoom is real.

As of now, the debate is scheduled to take place at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts in Miami. While not a common occurrence yet, this actually would not be the first Zoom debate. Back in May, candidates for the office in New York’s U.S. Congressional District 14 held their first entirely virtual debate as they squared off ahead of the state’s June primary. Many U.S. House of Representative Congressional Districts have been turning to Zoom for debate platforms going as far back as March.

As the president continues to battle the virus at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is still pushing for the next debate to happen as scheduled as long as the president is up to it. “It should go forward,” McConnell said in a radio interview on Friday, according to The Hill. “Hopefully the president feels up to it and, you know, they can work this out remotely.” 

Trump campaign advisor, Mica Mosbacher, has already suggested that the president would participate in a virtual debate. “I don’t want to get ahead of the White House, but it’s entirely possible to have a debate virtually in two weeks,” Mosbacher told BBC Radio 4’s Today show on Friday, Oct. 2.

It appears all momentum is heading towards the debate happing. Where and what format appear to now be the biggest questions as we move closer to that Oct. 15 date.

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