The United Nations is taking notes from global elitists at the World Economic Forum as they plan on introducing a global digital ID system that would be linked to individuals’ bank accounts.

“An open, free, secure and human-centered digital future,” – the U.N.’s description of this digital goal.

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The official report, titled “Our Common Agenda,” U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres explains his “vision for the future.” His “vision” is expected to be available by September 2024 during an event dubbed, “The Summit for the Future.”

According to the report, “Digital IDs linked with bank or mobile money accounts can improve the delivery of social protection coverage and serve to better reach eligible beneficiaries.” The report continues, “Digital technologies may help to reduce leakage, errors and costs in the design of social protection programs.”

The United Nations is also discussing regulating the global digital future, and have used terms like “international cooperation,” and “many stakeholders” who will “advance principles, objectives, and actions” to describe the globalist agenda.

Senior Vice President of Strategy at Fingerprint Cards Charles Burgeat said, “As a proud member of the World Economic Forum’s New Champions Community program, we want to be recognized as a purpose-driven company that contributes positively to the changes needed to operate in the new digitalized world.” He added, “By joining this Community, we look forward to brainstorming and exchanging ideas with peers and bring our expertise of the biometrics industry.”

The system would be governed by something called “the apex body” that has yet to be set up.

The system’s objective is to “have people, devices, and entities, all tied up in a connected network that could apparently be centrally administered, seemingly by unelected bureaucrats,” according to Zero Hedge.

Its key actors have been said to include the U.N. chief, as well as the Group of 20, the Economic and Social Council, and “heads of international financial institutions.”

Within this, the U.N. envisions a “Global Digital Compact.”

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