Since the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine War, rumors have circulated about the existence of bioweapon labs in Ukraine as a way to explain why Western elites are so concerned about safeguarding the country. While the official story among mainstream US media news outlets is that these rumors are a “conspiracy theory” propagated by Russia and the “far right,” a professor of law and the director of a think tank at West Point thinks there are at least a few valid points that Russian officials make in their claims.

Robert Lawless is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Law and Managing Director of the Lieber Institute for Law & Land Warfare at the United States Military Academy, West Point. He believes that the argument between the American and Russian governments largely boils down to semantics and the definition of “biological agents” and “toxins.” By relying on the inherent ambiguity of these terms (which derive from the Biological Weapons Convention of 1972), the US, Ukraine, and NATO could very well have obscured their operations and made deadly investigations seem merely medical and administrative.

Ultimately, it comes down to a matter of providing evidence. He writes:

“The factual dispute established above makes it difficult to form conclusions regarding U.S. and Russian rights and obligations in this case. If Russia’s allegations are based in truth, its conclusions that the United States and Ukraine violated the Biological Weapons Convention would be supportable. The weaponization of pathogens and infectious diseases to target enemy combatants falls squarely within the scope of Article I and therefore is prohibited under the Convention.”

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The US Embassy in Ukraine does in fact run a biological weapons threat committee as part of the Department of Defense’s Biological Threat Reduction Program, which partners with other countries to counter the outbreak of deadly diseases. The Ukrainian wing of the program works to “consolidate and secure pathogens and toxins of security concern and to continue to ensure Ukraine can detect and report outbreaks caused by dangerous pathogens before they pose security or stability threats.”

In October 2022, Russia formally requested the United Nations (UN) investigate the Ukrainian bio labs with a proper commission. Specifically, they asked them to figure out if the US and Ukraine were violating the 1972 Biological Weapons Conventions which prohibit the use of bioweapons through their laboratories.

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson had a strong focus on the bioweapons labs at the beginning of the war. Just a month after Russia launched its invasion, Carlson ran a segment on his network show about how the Biden administration was allegedly funding a series of “secret bio labs” in Ukraine, and that they were conducting experiments on dangerous diseases. “It’s clearly a case where the U.S. government has been lying; it has mounted a disinformation campaign, if you will, designed to cover up what it is doing,” Carlson said in March 2022. Further, he said the argument made by Pentagon officials in their dismissal of his claims was “an utter lie.”

It remains to be seen whether Carlson will bring up the subject during his interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which is set to be released at 6:00 p.m. tonight.

This is a developing story. Check back later for more updates.

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