There’s two things millions of Americans were counting on to get their mind of a world that appears to be going mad if you follow headlines in mainstream media, and now one of them might be in very short supply. 

The two things are Hallmark Christmas movies, which don’t have to be loaded on giant containers and transported to the U.S. across the Pacific Ocean on a huge cargo ship. There’s no shortage of inventory for the corny but popular holiday movies. 

Ugly Christmas sweaters are another story.  The Detroit Free Press said tens of thousands of them are inside shipping containers floating around the port of Long Beach, trying to get unloaded. 

Fred Hajjar owns a company called, and he made this sobering admission to the Free Press. 

“Christmas sweaters, there’ll definitely be a shortage.”

You can’t get more succinct than that. His company planned on selling roughly 100,000 sweaters. 

If you were planning on buying one for yourself, or as a gift, start rummaging through your basement for a model from yesteryear and think about a Plan B gift idea for the unlucky person you were hoping to give one to. 

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