Did you hear about the insane traffic jam that resulted from the winter storm that hit the Washington D.C. area earlier this week? 

Well, some cities, like Washington, D.C., are simply not equipped to handle a blizzard that drops 10 inches or more of snow. They simply don’t have the plows and sand trucks to deal with it. 

So, people get stuck in traffic for hours on end. 

One cool story that emerged was how a bakery truck driver handed out over 500 loaves of fresh bread to motorists that were stuck on I-95 in the middle of the storm. 

Jon and Casey Holihan were stranded inside their car for over 20 hours, and like other motorists in the same predicament, they were very hungry. The couple saw a Schmidt Baking Company truck before them and decided to give the company a call. Twenty minutes later, the company owner called back and told Casey to hand the phone to the truck driver. 

He then instructed the driver to open up the back and hand out over 500 loaves of bread to the stranded and starving people stuck in their cars. 

Unfortunately, not all the stories from the big storm were warm and fuzzy. 

Case in point, Andrew Peters of Richmond, Virginia.  He was returning from a trip to San Francisco, and after landing at Dulles Airport Monday, he got an Uber for the ride home. 

As soon as they got on the freeway, they were stuck. It took nine hours to get to his house, and his initial tab for the Uber ride was $200.  It seems reasonable for a trip that took that long. 

Unfortunately, Uber tacked on another $400 after the fact, raising the bill to $600. 

Ouch.  He disputed the bill and got the $400 taken off.

I guess the takeaway from both these stories is here’s even more reasons to move to Florida. 

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