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Founder Patrick Bet-David Embraced Jedediah Bila’s Desire to Dig Deep, Make Waves, and Cover a Diverse Range of Topics in a Long-Form Show Starting June 8th called Jedediah Bila Live!

Fort Lauderdale, FL, June 4, 2022 – Valuetainment Media announced that television host, author, and two-time Emmy nominee Jedediah Bila will host a live podcast three days a week from its headquarters in Fort Lauderdale beginning June 8, 2022. Bila, a former co-host of The View and anchor of the weekend edition of Fox & Friends, will cover everything – politics, pop culture, media, health, relationships, and much more. There will be no talking points, no allegiance to political parties, and no kowtowing to anyone’s agenda.

Jedediah Bila was attracted to Valuetainment because she and founder Patrick Bet-David share a passion for debate and a commitment to free-speech zones. Bila said, “Patrick welcomed the fact that I can be unpredictable in my opinions and that I want to have a genuine, solution-driven conversation on a wide range of topics. I told him that I’d get controversial and likely make plenty of waves, and none of that scared him. I decided to pick up my family and move to South Florida for a new, exciting chapter. The decision just felt right.”

Entrepreneur and #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author, Patrick Bet-David, has built Valuetainment on the principles of fearless debate, raw truth, and uncompromising authenticity. Bet-David believes Bila represents a shift from old-guard media. He’s convinced that without being constrained by short segments that get to the bottom of nothing, she will thrive. He said, “Jedediah and I are completely on the same page. She wanted something broad that was authentic and raw. The format we designed together allows her to have honest conversations that dig deep and make people think. I can’t tell you how excited I am for Jedediah to join the team.”

The inaugural podcast will be on June 8th on The Jedediah Bila Live channel and will be available everywhere podcasts are streamed. Bila shared, “My goal is to entertain, inform, ask tough questions, and call out BS. I want to uncover the truth, help us all to improve physically and mentally, and remind everyone that we are powerful, not powerless. The key to the life you want rests in your own hands.”

Valuetainment is a media company that focuses on business, personal development, capitalism, and creating opportunities for success. Founded and led by #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author Patrick Bet-David, the content includes podcasts, live events, long-form series, and videos.

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