Sports gambling has never been bigger.  It’s such a powerful force that every professional sports league is trying to figure out new ways to squeeze every possible nickel out of sports gambling, and billions if dollars are being bet, won, lost, and blown every single month. 

Here’s a couple sad stories of bad beats that two gamblers have experienced in the past two weeks. 

A bettor in Las Vegas put $100,000 on Wyoming covering the spread when they played UCONN on Saturday. 

The line was Wyoming -31, which meant the gambler was putting $100K on the line, believing that Wyoming would run the Huskies off the field, just like every team has that UCONN has faced. 

UCONN entered the game being outscored 184-49, but here’s where the bettor made his mistake.  Wyoming is not a great team.  It’s a lot to expect a team to win by more than 31 points, and unfortunately for the guy at the MGM, Wyoming showed why they aren’t a great team, trailing 13-3 at the half, and holding on to win 24-22. 

Which means they did not cover and some guy was out $100,000. 

Last week someone bet a 16 team parlay on the outcome of every single NFL game. It cost him just $25, and after Sunday, he was a perfect 15 for 15.  He had nailed every single outcome, perfectly picked every winner, which meant a small fortune was on the line in the Monday Night game between Green Bay and Detroit.

The bettor needed the Lions to somehow pull of an upset and beat the Packers at Lambeau Field, and if that happened, he would cash in a winning ticket of $726,959. 

Hard to believe this guy had so much faith in coach Dan Campbell and QB Jarod Goff.  The Lions were up 17-14 at the half, but fell apart in the second half in their 38-14 loss.  His winning lottery ticket was worthless. 

Is losing over $100,000 of your real money more painful than not winning over $700,000 on a $25 dollar investment?

They both suck. 

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