The relative calm that has enveloped the nation the past 5 weeks or so is about to be disrupted, as former President Donald Trump gets ready to rally the troops at the CPAC In Orlando Sunday.

It will be his coming out, again, party, and there’s been all kinds of speculation  as to what he’s going to say to an arena full of loyalists.

Here’s one thing we know for sure, there will be polarizing, biased, breathless, and around-the-clock coverage by the television networks, who will stick to their same scripts for covering Trump from the past five years.

As for the the content of his speecH? Details have been leaked by his team, and it appears he will not tell the crowd he wants to split from the Republican party and form a new one. 

Instead, it appears he’s more interested in being the face and voice for Republicans to rally behind. Fox News reported Sunday that Trump will “walk right up to the line of announcing another campaign: during his speech, but not fully commit. Yet.

“We are not starting new parties, and we will not be dividing our power and our strength. Instead, we will be united and strong like never before,” is what Fox reported that Trump would say, based on an excerpt of the speech they had a look at.

Also on Sunday, Trump’s top aide Corey Lewandowski said on Fox News that the former president never intended on starting his own party. “Why would you start a third party when you’re the head of the Republican Party?” Lewandowski asked. “There’s no question about it: Donald Trump is the head of the Republican Party.”

Get ready for fireworks.  Get ready for cable commentators to lose their mind.  It appears the days of Trump not dominating news coverage are over.

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