Former President Donald Trump gave a small group of reporters on his private plane after his campaign in Waco, Texas, Saturday night quite the scoop — Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg was dropping the case against him that earlier this week appeared would lead to his arrest and indictment. 

“I have no idea what’s going to happen…’ he said. ‘I think they’ve already dropped the case. From what I understand … I think it’s been dropped. But I believe that if anything ever happened with the case, it’s a fake case.”

During the rally, Trump told the massive crowd of supporters that Bragg was on a fishing expedition that headed nowhere. This is precisely one week after he posted a message on True Social that he expected to be arrested in a few days. 

He spent part of Saturday’s rally in front of 25,000 fired-up fans taking shots at Florida Governor Ron DeSantis — and he openly discussed the legal issue in NYC and said Bragg’s transparent attempt to try and keep him from ending up in the White House again was far from a distraction. 

“I’m not frustrated by anything. I just did a speech for two hours. I’m not first frustrated to do that. I just had polls that came out where I’m 40 points ahead. See, this is what I hate about fake news.”

Trump had mentioned earlier in the week that if he were indicted, “death and destruction” would follow. He addressed those comments during the rally. 

“I don’t like violence and I’m not for violence. But a lot of people are upset and you know they rigged an election, they stole an election, they spied on my campaign. They did many bad things. They did a fake dossier.”

We’ll wait to see if this becomes official. 

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