Looks like former Ambassador Nikki Haley is getting smarter on the campaign trail.

She’s floundered for some time, not able to crack above 4% in the polls. Fellow South Carolinian, Senator Tim Scott, took some of her thunder following a solid amount of positive media coverage post announcement.

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Haley got some negative attention by hosting a town hall on abortion and not actually clarifying her position on it. She also hasn’t directly attacked former President Donald Trump.

But now, she’s slowly going on the attack, and is making a smart contrast between her and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, as he prepares to announce his run for president this evening.

Her pitch? The two guys are pretty much the same.

She released a new ad opening with Trump shouting, “You’re fired!” Then she plays the famous 2018 ad Ron DeSantis released when he was running for Florida Governor. “And then he said, you’re fired!” as DeSantis read a book to his kid in the ad.

Ouch. And Trump doesn’t even have to lift a finger.

It also points to DeSantis’s cowardice. He doesn’t have the guts to directly punch Trump. Haley is reminding voters of the overly-cautious, ultra-calculating politician.

Then it cuts back to Haley talking about the trillion dollar national debt and economic spending going out of control. The debt grew both under Trump and Biden, so it’s a substantive dig on both presidents.

“We need to be the America that called to my parents.” Of course, Haley’s parents were immigrants. It’s a smart jab at Trump’s divisive rhetoric. Keep the policies, dump the verbal venom.

She says America needs a voice, not an echo.

And all of the clips have some soaring oratory and high energy on her part. She won’t be another low energy Jeb, at the very least.

Haley is pouring millions into TV ads in early states, with this one at the helm.

Oh, and there’s some good news for her as well. She’ll be next in line to get her own CNN Town Hall. If she does well there, she may be vaulted into a top contender. Don’t count her out quite yet, her campaign is evolving and is becoming much more strategic and intelligent.

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