He’s joining the movement. Trevor Noah helped keep The Daily Show afloat post Jon Stewart’s departure, when he took the reigns in the fall of 2015.

He announced his departure from the show September of 2022, and fans have been wondering what his next move might be.

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It was announced that Spotify has scooped him up for an undisclosed amount, but his content won’t be exclusive with the streaming giant, as Variety reports.

Looking at the description, it’s clear to see the show will be pretty generic.

“Signature humor and razor-sharp wit with his global perspective to deliver a unique take on the hottest and most captivating topics of the moment. With interviews with some of the most influential and interesting people around the world,” said Spotify in a press release.

Some people strike gold in that format. Think Joe Rogan. But that’s because he’s a different type of thinker. Noah has been reliably left, although he has occasionally surprised his audience.

At the White House Correspondents Dinner, which he hosted, he did take a dig at MSNBC and mainstream media saying, “By the way, MSNBC can I just say you guys are doing great work you know. I love watching your shows you know, when Trump was in office your shows were all about how bad he was. And now that Biden’s in office, your shows are all about how bad Trump was. Consistency is important.”

Noah doesn’t have that same independence. He’ll fit in a similar vein as Prince Harry and Meghan, who essentially fleeced Spotify, took tens of millions of dollars, and then decided not to record any content. To be fair to the royal couple, would they have anything interesting to say?
Will Noah be any different? Hard to say. He might feel a bit more independent now, but his history proves him to be a loyal Democratic Party foot soldier.
Noah gave a typically bland statement to Variety saying, “I’ve always been somebody who enjoys trying new things and exploring different ways to express what I do. I think this is going to be a really exciting opportunity to create a little more of what I’ve always created — and a lot more of what I haven’t created before.”
So basically, no real plan, no interesting format, just Noah blabbing with elite power players, like thousands of other podcasts before him.

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