On Tuesday’s episode of the PBD Podcast, Patrick Bet-David was joined by conservative radio host and Republican presidential candidate Larry Elder. Joined by the rest of the Home Team, they discussed the Republican primary race, debunked false media narratives, and called out the lethal epidemic of fatherlessness that threatens American society.

Here are some of the main takeaways from the latest episode:

1. “What happened to California?” – Recall Elections and the ‘California Dream’

Prior to his presidential run, Larry Elder challenged California Governor Gavin Newsom in a contentious recall election in 2021. Though he ultimately failed to unseat Newsom, Elder raised a staggering $27 million in eight weeks and successfully shed light on the governor’s COVID-era failures.

Newsom remained in power after the recall—and California has continued to suffer as a result. Tens of thousands of California residents have been fleeing to other states in recent years, citing high cost of living, rampant crime, and heavy government restrictions. But even when former Californians arrive in Red states, voting trends show that they continue to support Democrat policies—and Elder has a theory about why this happens.

“It’s indoctrination plus a belief that Republicans are just bad people,” he said. “It’s not that we disagree about abortion, taxes or spending; it’s that we’re fundamentally bad people.”

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2. “My Biggest Regret” – Why Larry Elder Never Started a Family

While discussing his reasons for launching his presidential campaign, Elder took aim at one of the biggest problems plaguing American society: broken homes. “The number one social issue in America that no one is talking about is the epidemic of fatherlessness,” Elder said, citing some concerning statistics. 70% of Black children are now born to unmarried parents, along with 50% of Hispanics and 25% of Whites.

“If I can get people talking about this, I’ll feel like I’ve given back to my party,” he said.

But despite his focus on building strong families around the country, Elder does not have children of his own. PBD posed the important question: why did a man with Larry Elder’s conservative, pro-America values never get around to starting a family?

This allowed Elder to open up about his family history, his relationship with his parents, and his biggest regret in life. Sharing how an eight-hour conversation with his father changed his life, Elder explained that even though he never had children, he still tries to pass on the lessons his family taught him.

3. “The RNC Shafted Me” – Why Larry Elder Missed the Republican Debate

Despite meeting donor requirements for the first Republican primary in Milwaukee, Elder wasn’t allowed to participate after the Republican National Committee rejected his poll results. In response, he filed a lawsuit against the RNC, accusing them of running a “rigged” process.

But even though he wasn’t present on stage, Elder was able to attend the debate, giving him a perfect opportunity to observe his competition. According to his assessment, though, the real winner was Donald Trump, who notably did not attend. However, Elder refused to speak critically of the other candidates, stressing instead that removing Joe Biden from office should be the focus.

“We ought to all come together to make sure Joe Biden doesn’t get four more years,” he said.

Despite his praise for some of his fellow candidates, however, Elder freely admits that there’s no getting around the “800-pound gorilla” that is Donald Trump.

4. “This Started with Hillary” – The True Origins of the Birther Movement

According to Elder, the mainstream media has a lot of “no-fly zones” when it comes to reporting on Democrats, which is why so many false narratives are allowed to spread.

Contrary to popular belief, the “birther movement,” which claimed that Barack Obama was not born in the United States, was not created by Donald Trump; it was actually started by Hillary Clinton during the 2008 Democratic primary! Clinton staffers first circulated the story…so why is it always blamed on Trump?

Similarly, the media attacked Trump for years for allegedly mocking a disabled reporter and claiming there were “very fine people” at the Charlottesville neo-Nazi protest…but Elder disproved both of these misconceptions as well.

But above all, Trump is accused of leading an insurrection on January 6, 2021—an attack Elder called “flat-out false.” “What part of ‘peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard’ did you people not understand?” Elder asked.

But that’s not all Larry Elder and Patrick Bet-David had to say. Catch up on the full PBD Podcast HERE!

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