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*Christie Prades*
Instagram: @christie_prades
Instagram: @Shamari_cns

0:00 – Pre-Roll
0:12 – Vinnies Intro
1:18 – What The Funk?
4:45 – My Crazy Clingy Girlfriend Snippet (For Full Sketch go HERE )
6:30 – Christie Prades’ Intro
7:34 – Shamari’s intro
8:24 – Dodge’s Intro
9:39 – Dodge This!
12:35 – What’s Grinding Dodge’s Gear
13:59 – Get To The Tiddies!
16:46 – Venting With Vinnie – School Shooting in Nashville
17:49 – Christie’s Take on School Shooting
20:35 – Shamari’s Take on Gun Control
21:45 – Vinnie on Guns, Mental Health & Accountability
25:53 – Why Is This Not Classified as a Hate Crime? Dodge Goes In!
29:01 – How Do You Feel About Biden?
31:36 – What About The Kids!?
35:48 – Kelly’s Take on Social Media Usage
37:47 – Shamari on Self Accountability
40:51 – Lazy Parenting
45:00 – Let’s Play “Word Play”
55:55 – Vinnie Loses & Gets Slapped!

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