One of the state’s newer residents is messing with Texas as the Lone Star State struggles with a long winter storm.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk on Wednesday called out the state’s maligned power agency in a tweet, probably owing to the storm’s consequences to Musk, personally.

Musk tweeted that the Electricity Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), is not earning the “R” in the acronym, pointing the finger at the power grid manager for the problems facing millions of people in a brutal winter storm.

“There’s really no letup to some of the misery people are feeling across (Texas),” the National Weather Service’s Bob Oravec said.

Also on Wednesday, Musk’s partner Grimes (given name Claire Boucher) tweeted that she and their baby were trapped in Austin.

She tweeted: “Just spent however many days in Austin w no power, no heat + a baby in -0.

“Drove south all night 2 escape incoming storm but roads r rly dangerous rn. Super worried about ppl.

“What’s best way to get food and heat to ppl rn? This is a v dangerous esp for kids.”

Musk moved from California in December. He is building a new Tesla factory in Austin.

His tweet to ERCOT coincided with multiple Tesla owners on social media saying they slept in their vehicles to keep warm.

In 2019, Tesla released a vehicle with a “Camp Mode,” which enables owners to use the vehicle’s features – like lights and climate control – without significantly depleting the battery.

ERCOT President Bill Magness said he hoped many customers would see at least partial service restored soon but could not say definitively when that would be.

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