Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson has had a busy week making huge proclamations on Twitter. First, he informed the world that he was endorsing Joe Biden for president, and today he changed his focus from the unforgiving, dangerous and vicious world of national politics to something more docile: professional football.

“As owners, we’re proud to champion our XFL players, coaches, cities and fans into an electrifying 2022 season! It’s an uphill battle—but we’re hungry, humble and no one will outwork us. A league of culture, passion and purpose,” Johnson said.

The Rock and a group of partners that include his ex-wife, Dani, own the XFL. They purchased the league out of bankruptcy court from Vince McMahon for $15 million back in August. Unlike professional wrestling and Hollywood where the Rock earned his fame and vast fortune, there are no scripted outcomes in pro football, especially for a tarnished brand like the XFL that folded almost 20 years ago and then declared bankruptcy in April of 2020 when the COVID-19 crisis hit. The Rock is no Jabroni when it comes to business. He knows this is not a sure-fire hit.

“It’s an uphill battle, but we’re hungry, humble and no one will outwork us,” he wrote. “A league of culture, passion and purpose.”

If there’s one thing to know about Dwayne Johnson, it’s to never underestimate him. The fact alone that he’s in business with his ex-wife shows he’s capable of pulling off almost anything.



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