A lot of celebrities do good deeds behind the scenes without the cameras rolling. 

Others don’t like missing out on a good PR opportunity every time they can get one, but hey, regardless, a kind gesture is a kind gesture, so what the heck does it matter. 

Dwayne Johnson gave his Ford F-150 Ranger pickup truck to a Navy veteran during a special Thanksgiving screening of his Netflix movie “Red Notice” at a theater in Southern California. 

Johnson startled the crowd when he grabbed the microphone and praised Rodriguez for his good work at his church, his work as a personal trainer, and working with survivors of domestic violence when he isn’t caring for his ailing mother. 

The Rock gave Oscar Rodriguez the keys to his Ford pickup in the parking lot, obviously blowing the Navy vet away with a nice and unexpected gesture. 

Here’s what the Rock said in the video he then posted to his 280 million Instagram followers.

“Just an honor for me to give a little bit of joy to a dude who deserves probably a lot more than just my truck.” 

So, nothing low-key or spontaneous about it, but a very cool move by the biggest movie star on the planet.

The boss of Ford saw the clip on social media.  CEO Jim Farley retweeted the tweet sent out by the Rock.

”Kindness matters. Nice work, DJ @TheRock. And thank you for your service, @ORodri240 That’s a great truck! #F150Raptor,”

This is what you call a win, win, win.  The movie star gets the good vibrations of positive publicity he wanted. The Ford exec gets recognition. And most importantly, a deserving veteran gets a new truck that will make his life a little easier. 

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