Ohio State University increased tuition for incoming first-year students this fall by 4.6%, which means an additional $549 per student. Over 11,000 new students arrive on campus each fall so that extra $6,23,582 might be able to cover the costs of making sure the whole world knows just how amazing the university thinks it is.  

You see, Ohio State University has officially and successfully trademarked the word “The,” which happens to be the most commonly used word in the English language. 

This is a huge deal for Buckeyes, and they have become increasingly annoying in flaunting the word “the” over the years.  You’ll see former Ohio State football players announce themselves in the NFL by saying they are from “The Ohio State University” at the beginning of Monday Night Football games. 

Yeah, we get it.  We will never confuse you with an offensive lineman from Toledo or a punter from Bowling Green. Or, God forbid, a backup linebacker from Ohio University. 

If you are like me, you were probably wondering if you owe someone in Columbus, Ohio money if you use the word “the” in a sentence.  Good news; thankfully, they aren’t that self-absorbed. 

We can still use the word for free. The school did this for the primary reason they make all their decisions; it allows them to make more money. 

The trademark applies to Class 25, which is clothing and apparel. And it will only be used in sports apparel the way it sounds. The school said the University’s licensing and trademark program generates over $12.5 million annually. 

They had to fight off Marc Jacobs, who also wanted the word “the” trademarked for their clothing line, but Ohio State won. 

This means if you ever try to sell clothing or apparel with a big “The” emblazoned on it, an Ohio State lawyer is coming after you. 

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