On Friday night, News Nation anchor and VT talent partner Chris Cuomo faced off against comedian and libertarian political commentator Dave Smith in a special live PBD Podcast debate. Joined by host Patrick Bet-David and a sold-out audience of hundreds of Valuetainment fans, Cuomo and Smith debated lockdowns and mask mandates, vaccines and alternative medicines, and much, much more.

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Here are some of the highlights and standout moments from this firey faceoff:

1. “You Should Apologize” – Joe Rogan Vindicated in Heated Debate Over COVID Coverage

2. “$52.8 Million!” – Trump’s Guilty Verdict Brings in MASSIVE Donations for 2024 Campaign

3. “Browning of America” – Migrant Crisis Motive EXPOSED by Chuck Schumer

4. “Demonizing People” – Chris Cuomo vs Dave Smith: The Truth Behind CNN’s Vaccine Mandate Coverage

5. “Lockdown Governor” – Dave Smith BLASTS Chris & Andrew Cuomo For TYRANNICAL COVID Lockdown Mandates

6. “Real or Fake?” – Dave Smith PUSHES Chris Cuomo For Truth About COVID Basement Quarantine

7. “They Think Black People Are Dumb” – The Reason Why Trump Has 22% of The Black Vote

8. “Insulated From Litigation” – Pfizer’s Secret to Banking BILLIONS!: COVID Vaccine Government Deal

9. “We ALL Make Mistakes” – Chris Cuomo’s Offered Chance To Apologize for COVID-19 Coverage

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