According to a Front Office Sports report, Phil Mickelson’s representatives are negotiating a potential broadcasting position for the legendary golf star.

The FOS report said exploratory talks with interested networks are now ongoing.

“Absolutely, we’re always in discussions about Phil’s future,” said Steve Loy, Mickelson’s longtime business partner at SPORTFIVE.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if in the next 12 to 24 months you might see more of Phil on the air.” 

Mickelson, long famous for his sometimes-quirky personality and sometimes-unpredictable golf-course decisions, would seem a perfect fit for a television analyst role.

There was plenty of support for the five-time major winner within the FOS story including:

  • “He’d be the Tony Romo of golf. This is a no-brainer,” said one TV personality.
  • “Phil would be the great catch of all (potential) golf analysts. He’s the guy all the networks want,” a source in the FOS story said.
  • “Mickelson’s hour-plus in the chair was a revelation: he was insightful, honest, funny — everything you could want from a golf broadcaster — and golf fans ate it up, praising the five-time major winner on Twitter,” wrote

Mickelson has nearly 2 million followers across Instagram and Twitter.

In January, he hosted an event on Golf Channel and PGA Tour Live and showed his fearlessless. 

“I’m going to watch and talk smack, which is what I do better than play now,” Mickelson joked. 

The landing spot isn’t yet known, but ESPN, CBS and NBC are prominent possibilities.

At 50, Mickelson has options. The Champions Tour, for golfers 50 and over, is perhaps not yet enough of a challenge – Mickelson won both of his Champions starts.

The PGA Tour is perhaps too much of a challenge, with Mickelson falling to 66th in last year’s World Golf Ranking; he stands at No. 89 today. 

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