Is a national mask mandate on the horizon? President-elect Joe Biden is already starting to call for more mask-wearing in what he calls “the most potent weapon” against the coronavirus pandemic. In a speech from his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware, Biden emphasized that “a mask is not a political statement.”

As coronavirus cases are once again on the rise, Biden urged Americans to wear masks but didn’t give any details about a possible national mask mandate. “I implore you, wear a mask. Do it for yourself. Do it for your neighbor. A mask is not a political statement, but it is a good way to start pulling the country together,” Biden said.

Prior to the election, Biden said that if he were to be elected, he would gather the nation’s governors and ask them to urge residents in their states to wear masks. Biden has previously acknowledged that “You can’t mandate a mask,” but then he went on to say that he would go to governors, mayors, council reps and every local official and say, “Mandate the mask.”

Biden also addressed the encouraging news from Pfizer that their vaccine is proving to be more than 90% effective in combating the COVID-19 virus. Biden said the announcement was “positive news,” but then he downplayed the significance of the announcement by saying that the FDA will have to run rigorous tests and process approvals before the vaccine is released. He went on to say, after all that, “It’s clear that this vaccine, even if approved, will not be widely available for many months yet to come.”

Thanks for bringing “Negative Nancy” to the party, Joe. We thought we actually had a little good news to hang on. 

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