First, you’d get in trouble for whistling dixie.

And now you just can’t with “colonial.”

That’s the newest phrase on the PC chopping block.

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George Washington University named its baseball team the George Washington Colonials in 1891. Throughout the years, additional sports have been added, sharing the same name.

But now “colonial” is a no-go. A year ago, GW announced they’d be changing their name. A statement on the university’s website said they were listening to students who said the name stood for those “who stole land and resources from indigenous groups, killed or exiled native peoples and introduced slavery into the colonies.”

Even a school at the center of colonial history, and thereby the nation’s history, prefers the whole name just be white-washed.

The school settled on “The Revolutionaries” as its new name. To be fair, it isn’t a bad choice. That’s because the administration left the decision to the students and teachers. A total of 8,000 names were submitted altogether. The students, along with faculty, voted on the best one. At least the process was somewhat democratic instead of being left to the usual left wing college administrators.

Curiously, they are keeping the likeness of George Washington as their mascot. 

In 2020, Black Lives Matter activists toppled a George Washington statue in Portland, Oregon. The statue never went back up.

This was on Juneteenth. Activists said Washington was complicit in slavery, and therefore his legacy had been tarnished beyond repair.

The question is, does it all stop at the name change for GW? Or is the mascot next? Then will there be demands to change the name of the entire university?

Expect this to be a slippery slope. Student activists at GW seem to have a well thought-out plan. Time will tell.


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