Patrick Bet-David sits down with Jorge Valdez. Dr. Jorge L. Valdes is a bilingual (English and Spanish speaking) Cuban-American Ex-Narco, Ex-Con, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and author. Let Dr. Valdes know your thoughts on the interview:

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About guest:
Dr. Jorge L. Valdes (born February 29, 1956) is a bilingual (English and Spanish speaking) Cuban-American Ex-Narco, Ex-Con, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and author. Born in Havana, Cuba, in 1956. At the age of 10, his family boarded one of the last Freedom Flights from Cuba to Miami. The family moved to Union City, New Jersey, where Jorge was an honor student at Hudson Catholic High School. Jorge began to work for the Federal Reserve Bank as a bank auditor while attending the University of Miami full-time. In 1976, Jorge left the Federal bank to work for his accounting professor. The first client was La Puerta del Sol, a small grocery store which turned out to be a front for a group of international drug dealers. In 1977, he took over the organization as the U.S. head of all operations for the group that would go on to be called the Medellin Drug Cartel.
In April of 1979, he was charged with heading the largest drug conspiracy in the history of America. After his release from prison in 1985, Jorge immediately resumed his operations until 1987 when he walked away. In September of that year, Jorge was arrested again for crimes he had committed in 1985 and was sentenced to ten years in prison. In 1998 Dr. Valdes moved to Peachtree City, Georgia and started a small disaster restoration company with his wife Sujey. At the same time, Jorge begins a national and international speaking outreach and is featured in over 300 radio and television programs.

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