Has COVID-19 killed the idea of co-working spaces? On first thought, that would be anyone’s immediate prognosis. Because of the coronavirus, the era of telework saw a rise, and social distancing became the norm. The predictions from the pundits say that life as we know it has changed forever and that economic fallout will continue to impact businesses all around the globe.

However, as society adapts to changing circumstances, co-working spaces like SPACES – Pasadena Playhouse District have understood the need of the hour. For entrepreneurs, gig workers, and sole proprietors, a shared working space has emerged as a commercial real estate juggernaut that can help them cut costs effectively. But is that all there is to it?

Experts suggest that if business owners want to effectively recover from the threat posed by COVID-19, a co-working space like SPACES – Pasadena Playhouse District can be a great solution.

Here’s why.

  1. They Promote an Innovative & Entrepreneurial Mindset

Research suggests that entrepreneurs who use co-working spaces are more motivated and innovative than those that choose to go with dedicated working spaces. A shared working space is equipped with appropriate facilities that help realize your entrepreneurial visions. Additionally, shared working spaces have a diverse culture of discussion that helps your employees turn their ideas into actions. This higher level of engagement translates to a more innovative environment because even though the definition of normal has changed, the people around us haven’t. We still get our ideas from consistent collaboration, interaction, and competition. A co-working setting in Pasadena that brings people together is the exact kind of environment you need if you’re trying to promote entrepreneurial growth.

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2. They’re Crucial for Remote Workers and Startups

Unlike a typical office, people working in a co-working space have all kinds of jobs and talents. Because of this, a remote worker working at SPACES – Pasadena Playhouse District is introduced to all kinds of professions. This helps freelancers and remote workers grow their networks and meet like-minded people with similar aspirations. And since COVID-19 hit and working from home became a norm, it became easy for remote workers to get distracted. Netflix is just a click away, and the average household might not be as quiet as a co-working space. If you’re a remote worker or a startup in Pasadena trying to boost productivity, SPACES – Pasadena Playhouse District will solve a lot of your problems!

3. Local Connectedness is Key for Recovery

In uncertain times like these, co-working spaces in Pasadena like SPACES – Pasadena Playhouse District offer shorter leases compared to a traditional working space. Because of the flexibility this model offers, several companies are lured into the deal because of the potential benefits. And lastly, when you ignore the business-related advantages, it all comes down to who we are – human. We have an inherent need to bond, connect, and laugh with each other to shed off work-related stress. During tough times like these, local connectedness is imperative.

Wrapping Up

While there are several reasons to become a part of a co-working space in Pasadena, here are just some of the benefits:

• 8 Meeting Rooms

• 122 Parking Spots

• Superfast Wi-Fi

• Breakout Areas

• Outdoor Area

• 46 Dedicated Desks

• 114 Private Offices

• Networking Events

SPACES-Pasadena is currently offering significantly discounted prices up-front to reduce initial costs on long-term leases (offer good until March 31, 2021):

-Fixed terms of 3–12 months: 50% off

-Fixed terms of 13–24 months: 50% off year 1; 25% off year 2 -Fixed terms of 25–36 months: 50% off year 1; 25% off year 2; 15% off year 3

-Month to Month: 50% off first 6 months only

For more information, visit www.spacesworks.com/pasadena/playhouse-district or contact Area Sales Manager, David Morrison at 626-469-2100 or David.Morrison@iwgplc.com.

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