Shaquille O’Neal is a big man.  With that comes big dreams, many of which the former NBA star has accomplished in a very successful post-playing career. 

Shaq is a television star, part of the broadcast for TNT’s wildly popular “Inside the NBA” program. He’s a world-famous pitchman whom you couldn’t avoid if you want to, as he does commercials for The General Insurance, Carnival Cruises, Papa John’s Pizza, and numerous other brands. 

He might be getting a little bored because he has his eyes set on something bigger and more consequential; he wants to buy his former team.  Shaq was drafted by the Orlando Magic back in 1992, and he said on a recent episode of his podcast called “The Big Podcast” that now is the time. 

“This message goes out to the DeVos family; if you’re ready to sell Orlando Magic, sell it to somebody who’s gonna take it to the next level; that’s us.”

The DeVos family made their fortune from founding Amway and bought the team way back in 1991 for $85 million. It was a good investment because now It is worth about $1.46 billion and might fetch closer to $2 billion on an open market. 

Here’s more from Shaq. 

”Listen we still run that franchise [Magic]. If they wanna sell it to us, DeVos family, we’re ready to go right now,”

Not sure whom he was referring to when he said “we,” but his former teammate Dennis Scott was on the show with him. Still, collectively he and Shaq don’t have $1.6 billion, so hopefully, he was referring to someone a lot richer because Shaq is estimated to be worth around $400 million. 

“We got the money; you ain’t got to worry about that.”

That might be the case, Big Diesel, but this plan has one tiny little problem.  The current owners of the Magic have no interest in selling. 

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