Have you found yourself wondering why there hasn’t been a deal in place for a second round of stimulus checks to be sent out? There might be one easy answer President Trump hasn’t received a bill that he can sign, and like almost everything else that does or doesn’t get done in Washington, it comes down to politics. Multiply that by 100, since we are so close to the election, and it becomes clear that Democrats are leery of making this happen because it could help Trump in the polls.

On Wednesday during a speech at the Milken Institute, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said there are still issues that the White House and Democrats can’t overcome. Funding for state and local governments is one of the major sticking points.

The two sides are moving a little. The Democrats have lowered their proposal by more than $1.2 trillion from their original plan, while the Republicans have raised theirs by about a trillion. The most recent deal on the table was for $1.8 trillion, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi brushed it aside, saying it was inadequate.

The stimulus deal is a sensitive issue because politicians on both sides could curry favor at home if a deal were to be passed. Because of that, Pelosi has actually drawn criticism from some of her fellow Dems for her flat-out refusal to even consider the proposal in front of them.

Heck, things are so crazy right now over this stimulus package that the almost unthinkable even happened: Pelosi accused CNN of favoring Republicans.

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