While football fans debate the Green Bay Packers loss of MVP Aaron Rodgers because of his positive COVID test and the fact he was not vaccinated, there’s something else that’s pretty important to consider. 

What is State Farm going to do? 

Rodgers, along with Patrick Mahomes, are big stars of the State Farm Insurance television commercials that are impossible to miss during NFL coverage each Sunday, Monday, and Thursday. 

The commercials are very successful, and Rodgers has not only not committed a crime, but reports say that there is almost no chance he will be suspended for not being 100% truthful regarding his vax status. So it would appear to be a pretty extreme move and almost validate Rodgers’s claims that he is a victim of the woke mob if the insurance company fires him.  

NFL reporter Tom Pasquarelli got a State Farm spokesperson to comment on whether they planned on keeping Rodgers in the “Rodgers Rate” spots, and he received a very corporate response. 

“It would be inappropriate for us to comment on Aaron’s vaccination status. This weekend our marketing focuses on the success of our first-ever Team State Farm Football Find and the unveiling of a new commercial with NFL legend Terry Bradshaw.”

Ok, we’ll look forward to those. 

Rodgers positive test result cost NFL fans the treat of watching Rodgers play Mahomes head to head for the first time ever. 

The soonest Rodgers can return to the Packers lineup is November 17. 

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