If there’s one thing we’ve all collectively learned from the past year it’s to embrace the small little victories as the country slowly emerges out of the pandemic.

It’s been such a slow and methodical process for many states, so anytime a new freedom or return to the normalcy we used to know is available it’s reason to celebrate.

Here’s another one of those tiny wins; Southwest Airlines is going back to their cattle call boarding procedures and doing away with the small and socially distanced boarding groups.

Last March Southwest changed things and boarded customers in groups of 10, rather than the free for all clusters of 30 everybody who’s flown on a Southwest flight knows about.

Those days are over.  Following the lead of JetBlue, one of the first to return to their normal pre-pandemic procedures, Southwest is back to boarding groups of 30.

Don’t go crazy and think you can ditch the mask and act like Miami spring breakers in the gate area, there are still mask mandates in place on all airlines with no sign that will end soon.

But hooray for small victories.  We’ll take what we can and appreciate it!

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