Former Trump campaign attorney Sidney Powell is claiming the upcoming Georgia election may be “rigged” but this time she believes it will favor the state’s Republican incumbents.

In an interview on the “The Rush Limbaugh Show,” when asked about her thoughts on Republicans voting in Georgia’s special election, Powell said, “Well, my concern is that it’s not going to matter how the people vote in the Georgia race. It obviously didn’t matter how they voted nationwide, did it?”

Powell then urged voters to head to the polls but said she doesn’t know if it will make a difference. “Well yeah, I mean the situation we’re in now, I would suggest that everybody in Georgia turn out on election day, and do it again: Vote for the Republican candidates in mass numbers and see what happens,” Powell said, adding, “And it might be that they’ve even rigged the system so that the two Republicans win so they can say, ‘Oh see? There’s no problem.’”

The Georgia Senate runoff will determine party control of the U.S. Senate. The two races are between Democratic candidate Raphael Warnock and Republican incumbent Sen. Kelly Loeffler, and a race between Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jon Ossoff running against Republican incumbent Sen. David Purdue.

Early voting in the election has already been underway for weeks leading up to the Jan. 5 election day.

Aside from the runoff election, Georgia officials announced today that an audit of more than 15,000 voter signatures from the November election failed to find a single fraudulent absentee ballot.

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