Patrick Bet-David explains why strong fathers are the most important part of society. The fatherless crisis in the US affects millions of children and families, leading to various challenges and requiring a multifaceted approach to address.

There is a viral trend on Tik-Tok called the “shut up challenge,” where moms and their children prank their fathers by pretending to be in arguments. The child gets to the point where they say “shut up” to the mother and they watch how the father reacts. Before the father completely blows his lid, they intervene and tell him it was a joke.

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The moments are revealing because they show the fury of how a dad reacts when their child is questioning their mom’s authority. One of the most important lessons a child can learn from their fathers is to respect their mothers.

When a child grows up, especially a son, the words of their mother won’t weigh as much because they feel like they can overpower them. The fear instilled in them by a father is needed in order to keep them respectful of rules—rules that are good for them, and crucial to producing future leaders of America.

Watch the rest of the video to hear Pat’s breakdown on why fathers are the fundamental building block of civilization.

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