As decisions are made to return to steeper restrictions for businesses in the wake of rising COVID-19 cases, instances of rebellion continue across the country.

A single mother in a small Minnesota town is refusing to close her bar, and Staten Island business owners are reaching their boiling points.

With parts of Staten Island now in an orange zone — more restrictions – a New York TV station reported more angst.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said his plan boosts hospital resources for them.

“We do more tests than any state in the nation, so we just have more data to make decisions on. Everybody has an opinion on COVID. We have facts,” Cuomo said.

The strategy appears unpopular. Some Staten Island businesses have complied, including nail salons and fitness centers; others have pushed back, according to a report from CBS2’s Dave Carlin.

Grant City restaurant Mac’s Public House is covered with signs and markings declaring it an “autonomous zone,” promising to defy the new order.

In Minnesota, Larvita McFarquhar, who owns Havens Garden in Lynd, posted videos to Facebook in defiance of Gov. Tim Walz’s COVID-19 executive orders, saying she will stay open.

Walz declared state bars and restaurants can’t offer in-person service as of Nov. 21, but McFarquhar says she refuses “these outrageous demands.”

While she welcomes support, she did warn potential customers they could be fined if they came to the bar.

Back in New York, neighbors echoed frustrations felt by citizens and business owners.

“It’s ruining lives because you’re not making any money,” New Dorp resident Frank Natoli said. “Orange, pink, blue and green (zones), it doesn’t matter. So if I step on an orange or yellow code that means I’m OK? It doesn’t make any sense to me. To me, it doesn’t make any sense.”

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