Patrick Bet-David and the Home Team discuss whether or not Trump should enter the next GOP debate.

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Patrick Bet-David is the founder and CEO of Valuetainment Media. He is the author of the #1 Wall Street Journal Bestseller Your Next Five Moves.

1 comment

  • No not necessary. Everyone knows where he stands. And what he wants. Its the other representatives that need to show up and push the envelope. For himself, he should be the last man standing debate i.e. if he makes it to the last debate against the democrats. This would indicate a much stronger case for trump that he is still of interest by the voters, let alone, give him a stronger advantage in the final race. Because a debate for him would do what win or loose? he has already spoken out on the necessary changes that are needed. Critical and urgent tasks. He has gone through the worse processes in the legal system that no other politician with actual dirt. Found with evidence and/or evidence being tampered with and/or destroyed. Not a fair play. All should be treated equal in front of the law. So yeah, he can sit out watch the rookies take stage then in the final we have the “Main Event.” Would be epic if Bruce Buffer was the announcer of that final. The world eyes will watch, probably hit the record in views, and depending on the outcome; could make a significant impact to the current trajectory the U.S is heading alongside the Westerns society and the current leaders. The questions is therefore, who is able to deliver upon their promises if they become president? and, who have the same network across local, regional, national and international territories? who have that experience to go head to head etc. etc. This election for me feels like a poor remake of a successful movie from the past. Conclusion wise, not that I have a favorable candidate per see – but Trump suitability for the current Geo-political env. and global chaos of poor diplomacy is better than any of the ones trying to secure the presidential suite. Let us also not forget that, having experience as a President already beats anyone on the roster of election.