Georgia is in the process of conducting a hand recount of ballots this weekend, but political strategist and Newsmax TV analyst Dick Morris summed up the recount three different ways, calling it a ‘‘sham and a hoax and a fix.’’

Morris appeared on Newsmax TV’s “Spicer & Co.” and offered up video evidence of how far away monitors of the recount are having to stand. He said, “Inspectors are far away from the table … [they] can’t see the ballots. This is the recount that is supposed to solve the problems.’’ He then added, ‘‘It’s absurd.”

Morris also called out the fact that it appears Georgia officials are not actually verifying any ballots, they are strictly recounting them. “They did not permit the envelopes to be examined,’’ Morris said. ‘‘A lot of absentee ballots ought to be thrown out” and they were not.

Morris also pointed to his own research, saying he does not believe Biden could have won in Georgia ‘‘I did polling … and I’m convinced that Trump won’’ the election, Morris said.

‘‘It’s easier to steal paper ballots than machine ballots,’’ he continued. ‘‘Now with the supposed recounting taking place, we see in that video how absurd the notion is.”

The hand counting of votes in Georgia began on Friday and is expected to be concluded and certified by November 20.

Republican Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger has drawn plenty of heat from his own party over the recount, with both Republican Senate candidates who will be participating in the upcoming runoff even calling for his resignation.

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