With the intense proliferation of Zoom learning, it’s only natural that sex education has prominently joined the trend.

And what better online partner than TikTok to broadcast the message?

Young people – and certainly more than a few older people – are discovering the platform and its “teachers” more frequently, unable to resist (critics may imply) the possibility of peripheral pornography to go along with some good, old-fashioned learning.

Among the myriad landing spots is the account of Marlena Segar, 24, from London.

The University of Edinburgh graduate began recording sex ed videos in her living room and broadcasting them on TikTok, according to a Yahoo! Style report, and has quickly reached millions of views.

“I was excited when a couple of my previous videos got a couple of thousand views,” Segar said.

And Segar likely knows a thing or two, because (apologies to the  Farmer’s Insurance commercial) she’s seen a thing or two: before her recent career incarnation, she was working as assistant manager of a London sex shop.

Segar’s side-hustle at the time was teaching sex education in secondary schools. After losing her job in April 2020, she pursued the at-home sex-ed teacher idea.

And she has a knack for marketing, launching her “WeNudeToTalk” channel on TikTok.

The pandemic led to a great deal of alone time for the human race, so Segar’s episode on busting myths surrounding self pleasure was a natural hit – now checking in at more than 2.3 million views.

But it’s about education … really.

“The views are great, and it’s brilliant to be spreading the message,” Segar told the Scottish Sun. “But it is when individuals reach out in the comments or message me and tell me how important these videos are to their lives that it is all worthwhile.”

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