After almost two full years of way too many Zoom meetings, corporate America is trying to lighten the mood on digital teleconferencing by introducing a new fad that has become a pseudo phenomenon in 2021. 

Think of it as sort of like Cameo meets a singing telegram.  A new service called is behind it. For just under $60, a Santa will join a call, having fun with people on the call by telling awkward inside jokes about the company or referencing the project a team is working on. 

The Santa’s are actors, and they get the info for the Zoom bomb from the person who ordered the service.  They fallout a questionnaire and provide talking points and details before Santa’s big appearance. 

So imagine you’re participating in a boring meeting, and a realistic-looking Santa Claus shows up talking about Bill in HR being a pain in the neck.  Or demanding to speak to customer service. 

The reactions are all over the map.  With a lot of holiday cheer, companies embrace St. Nick’s intrusion and have fun with it.  CNN referenced an incident in a story about how a Santa recently bombed one of their business meetings. Santa had on an Oculus headset and was making jokes about current events and poking fun at some people on the call. 

Not a lot of love for Santa on that appearance, as the story on CNN, said the participants were either cringing or wondering what was going on. 

If the latest strain of COVID-19 has shut down Santa from appearing at your local mall, you might want to consider having the jolly old elf show up virtually. 

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