As sophisticated, cool, and technically advanced that modern smartphones are, there’s a decent percentage of people who fancy themselves as old school, and miss the old flip phone’s that were so common in the late 90’s and 2000’s.

When Samsung announced they were coming out with a folding phone, it got a lot of OG’s excited, and now the latest version of that phone is set to launch on Friday. 

It’s the Galaxy Z Fold 3, which retails for $1,799. 

The first two models were less than spectacular according to a lot of people that bought and tested them, but the word on the Fold3 is Samsung might be on to something pretty big and exciting. 

A report on CNBC broke down many of the new and improved features of the latest model. The cost of this one is $200 less than the previous version.  It supports a stylus if you’re into that kind of thing, and it’s been described in the BI story as being more durable and water-resistant.

Two different sizes are available, wit the bigger Galaxy Z Flip 3 being more like a regular smartphone that folds in half. 

A couple quick notes on the pen/stylus that is compatible with this new phone.  It will cost $49.99, and there’s no place to store it, so plan on toting it with you wherever you go. 

The CNBC review said the pen works well, despite the crease in the middle. 

A couple of drawbacks the story referenced were the thickness of the phone and the battery life, which is not optimal. The phone is not thin, and the chunkiness may take some getting used to. The screen takes a lot of power, and the phone may last roughly four hours or so on a charge. 

Plus, you will have to get used to the crease in the middle of the screen when it’s folded open. 

Bottom line it’s not a flip phone. It’s a folding phone, and nothing like anything you’ve seen before. 

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